• Add Python 3.7 support in trove classifiers.

0.12 (2019-03-14)

  • Fix reading envlist from setup.cfg (#110). - thanks to @voronind for the pull request.
  • Add docs and tests to sdist (#121). - thanks to @jayvdb for the pull request.
  • Release an sdist in addition to the wheel.

0.11 (2018-09-21)

  • Drop support for Python 3.2 and 3.3 (#113).
  • Fix autogen_configs for tox 3.4.0 (#115).
  • Various documentation fixes.

0.10 (2017-11-13)

  • Deprecate the After All feature (#93). Travis now has Build Stages, which are a better solution.

0.9 (2017-11-12)

  • Allow PyPy3 support to work with PyPy3 5.5 (#66). - thanks to @kirbyfan64 for the pull request.
  • Move toxenv to tox_configure hook (#78). - thanks to @rpkilby for the pull request demonstrating the idea.
  • Respect Tox config file CLI option (#59). - thanks to @giginet for the bug report.
  • Move the project into the tox-dev GitHub organization. - thanks to @obestwalter for bringing it up, and @rpkilby for helping fix references to the old location.
  • Various refactors and test improvements. - thanks to @jdufresne for several pull requests and @rpkilby for many reviews.
  • Only deploy the universal wheel to PyPI (#87). Due to a deployment bug, a version-specific egg was released, along with the intended sdist and wheel. The sdist has also been abandoned for release.

0.8 (2017-01-11)

  • Add Python 3.6 support in trove classifiers.
  • Skip after waiting for pull requests (#46). - thanks to @rpkilby for fixing this bug.
  • Add unignore_outcomes setting to allow reversing Tox’s ignore_outcomes setting on Travis (#48). - thanks to @Bouke for the implementation.

0.7.2 (2016-12-20)

  • Undo the README changes, and fix HISTORY markup for PyPI.

0.7.1 (2016-12-20)

  • Fix the README markup to display properly on PyPI.

0.7 (2016-12-20)

  • Deprecate the [tox:travis] section in favor of the python key to the new [travis] section.
  • Allow specifying envs by other Travis factors. Includes os, language, and python.
  • Allow specifying envs for environment variables, in a new [travis:env] section.
  • Special thanks to @rpkibly for driving this work (#34)
  • Backward incompatible changes:
    • If any declared tox envs match the envs matched from factors, no additional envs will be included automatically. For example, if envlist is docs, and the configuration for python 3.4 is py34, docs, it previously would have run both the declared docs env, as well as the undeclared py34 env, while now it will only run the declared docs env. This may result in fewer envs running than expected, but in edge cases that were believed to be unlikely.
    • Previously, if no Python version was given in the environment, it would automatically choose an appropriate env based on the Python version running. Now if no Python version is given in the environment no env is determined by default, which may result in more envs running in a job than expected.
  • Add the --travis-after command to enable a job to wait until all others have completed. (#13) - thanks to @ssbarnea for the feature suggestion.

0.6 (2016-10-13)

  • Require pytest<3 for Python 3.2 (#33)

0.5 (2016-07-28)

  • Prefer TRAVIS_PYTHON_VERSION to sys.version_info (#14) - thanks to @jayvdb for the code review
  • Add Python 3.2 support (#17) - thanks to @jayvdb for the bug report, discussion, and code review
  • Support PyPy3 v5.2 with setuptools hackery (#24) - thanks to @jayvdb for the pull request

0.4 (2016-02-10)

  • Generate default env from sys.version_info (#9) - thanks to @jayvdb for the bug report

0.3 (2016-01-26)

  • Match against testenvs that are only declared as sections (#7) - thanks to @epsy
  • Include unmatched envs verbatim to run (also #7) - thanks to @epsy again

0.2 (2015-12-10)

  • Choose testenvs from tox.ini by matching factors.
    • This is a slightly backward incompatible change
    • If a Python version isn’t declared in the tox.ini, it may not be run.
    • Additional envs may be run if they also match the factors, for example, py34-django17 and py34-django18 will both match the default for Python 3.4 (py34).
    • Factor matching extends to overrides set in tox.ini.

0.1 (2015-05-21)

  • Initial Release